That Date, which has Lived in Infamy

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FDR was right. And how couldn’t he be. Today is the day when, what is it now, 69 years ago? Japan launched a deathblow to World War II in general. Once the US was in it, we were in it to Win it. And Japan allowed us that opportunity.

Because it’s one of my favorite speeches, I’m going to link it.

I don’t really have anything much to say on the matter. I mean I was just listening to the speech and I thought, “Hey, I’ve got one of those newfangled blogs! I’ll write something!”


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Arsenic Life

December 4, 2010 at 6:38 am (Uncategorized)

Alright, let’s get one thing straight: This discovery is the most significant discovery in the past decade.  This blew me away when I read it, and I’m about ready to shoot some guns up in the air and dance around like some stereotypical “Yosemite Sam” character at the possibilities this holds for us.  But, friends, I think we might be looking at this discovery in the wrong light… Let me elaborate.

The buzz on the street is that we can use this new-found bacterium to eat all of our arsenic and toxic waste and whatnot.  That would rid us of a big problem!  Toxic waste is an awful thing, it kills our ecosystems.  You know what is worse, though?  Dead Toxic Bacteria polluting our ecosystems.  That’s right.  What are we going to do when these bacteria run out of things to feed on?  When things don’t eat they die.  When things die they’re usually eaten by opportunistic creatures of the wild.  Some might call them vultures.  So when these vultures go to feed on the heaping piles of arsenic bacteria, well they’ll just die won’t they?

Let’s look at another scenario, one I like to call the “Evolution” scenario.  Did you see that movie?  You know how that meteor brought those little bacteria with it and they started to rapidly evolve?  Didn’t they have a “slightly” different biological makeup than we do, making silicon or whatever the element was toxic to them?  I don’t know what I might be insinuating here, but it sure as hell has something to do with the following images:

And when that happens, there’s really only one thing that’ll save our world from certain destruction.

Now, there’s a third scenario and it’s equally unpretty. These bacteria are unique. And we don’t want them to die. So how do we keep them alive once their food supply runs out? We need to keep making more and more toxic waste. This could very well lead to another industrial revolution, and we all remember what came after that, right?

Something about a “Great Depression?”

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So. I graduated college?

December 3, 2010 at 7:11 am (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I’m not one to gloat. Believe this with all your heart. Now, however, is the time for you to experience such a rare and exciting advancement in my life that I may allow myself the rare indulgence of saying something along the lines of “Booyah!” or “To the MAX!” I may even throw out an “In your FACE!” depending on when you catch me.

So there it is, I’ve earned bragging rights that a surprisingly few amount of people have. Not only that but I graduated from a top name art college to boot! I have to say I’m beyond excited to begin paying off these student loans for the next 20 years or so, it should prove a tremendous strain on my bank account.

No doubt you’ve also noticed the general tone of this update here is very different from the past however many I’ve made. This is of course because it has been a year since my last update, and with the passing of time come the changing of men. Feel free to use that quote somewhere, I’m rather proud of myself for thinking of it.

– Travis

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